Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary


The Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary is located at 4700 Pontiac Trail in Orchard Lake. It is a 50 acre wooded tract of land that was acquired from the Cranbrook Schools in 1991.The Sanctuary includes many different plant species, several different biotic communities and an abundance of wildlife. Some of the oak trees on the site are more than 250 years old. The terrain, which was shaped by glaciers, is composed of rolling hills. A small parking area and walking trail system allows public access to the Nature Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is owned by the City, managed by the Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary Advisory Board, and maintained by the Department of Public Works. The Advisory Board includes approximately 9 members who are appointed by the City Council. Membership often includes individuals who are not City residents, but who have made significant contributions or have significant interest in the sanctuary and the preservation of natural areas.

No Alcohol, Dogs, Fires, Bikes, or Hunting allowed in the Nature Sanctuary



Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary Herpetofauna Inventory Report