Water Quality

The lakes, ponds and wetlands are among the most valued assets of the Orchard Lake community. The City has found that constant vigilance is required to protect the natural beauty, peacefulness and water quality that these water features provide.  In the interest of protecting water quality, a key management tool is minimizing the amount of storm water runoff, which is a primary source of pollutants in the lakes.

The City of Orchard Lake Village is situated in three different watersheds. Excess storm water from Orchard Lake and Cass Lake flows northeasterly as part of the Clinton River Watershed.  Upper Straits Lake is in the Huron River Watershed, draining west and south, while a small area in the southeastern portion of the City is in the Rouge River Watershed, flowing to the east and south.  For more information about these watersheds, how to protect their water quality and how to volunteer if you would like to help, click on the following links:

Clinton River Watershed Council: http://www.crwc.org/watershed/
Huron River Watershed Council:  http://www.hrwc.org/the-watershed/
Friends of the Rouge: http://www.therouge.org/the-watershed
Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC): http://www.allianceofrougecommunities.com/
Orchard Lake Watersheds Map                                  Oakland County Watersheds Map
For more information on how to protect our water quality if you are a riparian (waterfront) landowner, click on the following links: