Prior to 1928, the community now known as the City of Orchard Lake Village was part of West Bloomfield Township. The residents of the community voted (92 in favor, 5 against) on March 19, 1928, to incorporate as Orchard Lake Village. On December 8, 1964, residents of the Village voted to become a City. The City Charter places legislative and governing powers in the hands of a seven member elected City Council. The Council annually elects one Council person to serve as Mayor.

The City of Orchard Lake Village is a small community of incomparable natural beauty, accentuated by pristine lakes, woodlands, wetlands and other natural features. Within this setting, a unique, upscale, small, predominantly residential community has been created, fostering among residents a profound sensitivity to the City’s natural features and rich history, and supported chiefly by its residential economic base. The City strives to sustain this thriving community and outstanding quality of life for all residents far into to the future.